[Marxism] nam era grunt combat melt down

jake shearer kapshow at hotmail.com
Sat May 1 09:01:32 MDT 2004

  been reading some about
the post tet offensive
melt down of our ground grunts
  in vietnam

feel not enough said over all
about this blue collar
sit down strike
among the whiter  GIs

always felt
we have way
too much
chatter about joe and jane college
kent and all that

a bull enraging
flapper of a red flag
in the klass klash
even now

be nice to tell a working klass story
a bad wars fight  refusers
from wage homes
a real" hell no "
like the trenches in france circa '17

maybe this is bigger story
then flower power goes loco
the guys who rotated in there
one by one
after tet
just needa  long enough
chance to  talk
and then
this crucial aspect of the  morass
will tumble out everywhere

we got to get
beyond the assine
hollywood bowl
type " frag" stories

what say you all ?

up shot seems to be
crystal clear

the brass by  early 69
figured  yank
even white yank
" ground war" operations
were headed towards
in the very  near future

the blue collar white boys
may have despised the dodgery creeps
rockin kampus usa back home
but they weren't about
to" foot it"
into ambushes and land mines
    just for nixon's " decent interval"
   to avoid
  chicken/ egg

what can the well versed scholars
among you all
put me on to
that might help nail down
the direction of causation
    announce pull out in early 69
yields  morale melt
or morale melt yields
no way back from pull out

I'm backing latter arrow
so far
obviously this all has

weight that
had to  bare down on
the brass

and had to mandate
changes after nam
the return
unit rotation
an  all volunteer
ground  force

are these mass scale
acts of refusal
the  real drivers
behind  the "vietnam syndrome"

the" malaise"
all the top bushites
were so sure
the country had" licked"
when they plunged into Iraq

are we headed for another
1970 melt down

next year will
the tower tyrants
suddenly go
"  shit
the empire has
no edge to its knife "

  " its totally  up to the  Sepoys
when it gets
the  up close and personal stage

for ourselves
   lets stick to the  bomb racks"


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