[Marxism] Trends Research Institute: God is Wrong ?!

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Sat May 1 09:29:51 MDT 2004

RHINEBECK NY, March 8 - God's recent prediction via preacher Pat Robertson,
that "George Bush is going to win in a walk," is incorrect. The Trends
Journal, a publication of The Trends Research Institute, forecasts that
Senator John Kerry will handily win the White House. Gerald Celente, Founder
of the Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal said, "Our research
shows overwhelming negative trends stacked up against George Bush that will
not be sufficiently reversed by November. He will not be able to escape the
consequences of the Iraq boondoggle, a slow growth economy, the growing
health care crisis, the jobless recovery, tax cuts seen favoring the rich,
corporate scandals, runaway globalization, soaring deficits and a campaign
style that only a mother -- or staunch supporters, could love. It's not as
though the electorate will embrace Kerry because he and his policies looks
so great," said Celente, "it's because Bush's persona and track record look
so bad. "I'm not reproaching God for being wrong," said veteran trend
forecaster Gerald Celente. "While I am a political atheist, when it comes to
the word of God I give Him the benefit of the doubt, and suggest that Pat
Robertson either lost something in the translation from Aramaic, or, as a
devout Republican he heard what he wanted to hear. However, if Robertson's
report is accurate, we now know one new important thing: God is not
infallible." An Institute analysis of Republican party strategies designed
to cast Kerry as a Northeastern left leaning liberal -- a turncoat veteran
who is weak on defense and strong on big government, are off-trend arguments
that won't sway the voting majority on Election Day. God's prophecy will be
right only if a major Kerry scandal breaks or some domestic or foreign
crisis rallies the public around the President.

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