[Marxism] Legendary Vietnamese general offers warning to U.S

Lanasnest at aol.com Lanasnest at aol.com
Sat May 1 13:18:52 MDT 2004

   Since when is being a scholar a prerequisite to a "Communist" environment? 
 So, I may identify with the masses more than corrupt leaders...does that 
make me unexceptable as a Marxist?  Your "facts" keep you focused on the "trees" 
without seeing the forest.
   The fact s that are represented here are not...NOT pure and undefiled.  
When I lived in Italy, THEIR encyclopedias have a list of ITALIAN inventors, 
etc., replacing the "real" ones.  So what is REAL?  That is what I want...how 
Marxist teachings, in REALITY fit into the whole.
   Because I am a mother and a humanitarian does not preclude me from 
obtaining knowledge...interpreting it, and sharing MY perspective.  FACTS?  If you 
think that you have a SINGLE "fact" that is not debatable...you need some more 
education, yourself.


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