[Marxism] The U.S. defeat in Fallujah

Brett Castleberry bcastleberry1hsd at earthlink.net
Sat May 1 14:38:40 MDT 2004

 >From: "Jose G. Perez" <jg_perez at bellsouth.net>
 >With the withdrawal of American marines from their most advanced
positions in the city of Fallujah, the United States is recognizing its
first great defeat of the Iraq War.<

Many thanks, Mr. Perez, for this fine analyis.  I subscribed here hoping 
  to find some insights on Iraq and the GWOT, and I have not been 

What an astonishing reversal we have seen!

 >the U.S. is abandoning the goofy Rumsfeld-Cheney project of creating 
an Iraq client regime from nothing<

I am reminded of Oglesby's Yankee/Cowboy theory.  I think the 
striped-pants foreign policy establishment, in the face of the "cowboy" 
Vulcans' post-9/11 strength, had no choice but to lay low and help them 
make fools of themselves.  The way is now clear for one of their own, 
the "yankee" Kerry.


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