[Marxism] Legendary Vietnamese general offers warning to U.S

Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Sat May 1 14:38:53 MDT 2004

>    Because I am a mother and a humanitarian does not preclude me from 
>obtaining knowledge...interpreting it, and sharing MY perspective.  
>FACTS?  If you think that you have a SINGLE "fact" that is not 
>debatable...you need some more
>education, yourself.

I am all for debating out the facts about Vietnam or anything else. But 
that is what we have to start from, one set of facts or another. When I had 
a debate about Yugoslavia a couple of months ago with Marxmail subscribers, 
the posts were filled with facts that were selected by either side. That is 
what debates are about. But all this demagoguery about being a foster 
parent, mother and humanitarian (whatever that means) is really besides the 
point. You really are going to have to adapt to the norms of Marxmail and 
not the other way around.

Response Jim C: Come on folks give Lana a break She is right not ALL "Vietnamese" revere General Giap. For example, my father flew the third last commercial flight out of Vietnam. He had on board creatures (collaborators with the U.S. forces no different in kind or nature than the Vichy collaborators with the nazi occupiers) who kept insisting on bringing their gold, currency and diamonds (stolen) on board knowing full well that in doing so it meant that others could not be taken. Then there are the scum in the "Vietnamese" mafia, who terrorize fellow "Vietnamese" and exact extortion and are involved in other crimes, they not not revere General Giap. Then there are others who refused to become re-educated and stop doing corrupt, self-destructive and socially destructive things like drug sales, prostitution, gambling and other ways they were free to pursue under the old regimes run by the corrupt ones and who refused to admit and atone for their treason as collaborators with U.S. and allied forces. Then there are some of the "Vietnamese" Catholics who fronted for CIA and all sorts of corrupt forces and who kept power disporportionate to their numbers and tried to ram their sick twisted theology down everyone's throat.

Yes indeed, not "all" of the "Vietnamese" revered General Giap. But what does it matter except as a meaningless statement and cliché that not "all" of the "Vietnamese"...

By the way, as for foster parents, you can find a whole lot of them among the ultra-rightist "Evangelical Christians" (someone finally got to them that if they are going to oppose abortion, what are they--themselves personally--going to do with the fetuses when they become children?). As for "humanitarians" you can find the likes of Mother Teresa who said that she was not interested in figting poverty or eliminating it but was only involved in helping people to accept and deal with it--along with death.

Jim C.

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