[Marxism] Fidel Castro Speech at Revolution Sqauare, May Day 2004

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sat May 1 15:43:20 MDT 2004

Fidel Castro gave another short speech, just three thousand words,
which took but four pages to print out in Word format. 


He hit on several important themes and you'll find it of great
interest. He reviewed the world situation since September 11 and
since last May Day. He discussed at length the battle which took
place at the UN Human Rights Commission, and several other issues.

An impressive, encouraging event took place in Spain. It
was an extraordinary achievement, accomplished almost
exclusively by the Spanish people, especially the younger
generation. Its heroic political battle, scarcely 48 hours
after the tragedy and on the eve of the elections, dealt a
devastating blow to the treacherous maneuvers of the
previous Spanish government to manipulate the awful acts of
March 11 in its favor and in the warmonger interests of the
United States.

The present government has kept its promise to pull Spanish
troops out of Iraq. This is undoubtedly a commendable act.
But the Spanish state, under the previous administration,
had taken upon itself to recruit a considerable number of
young Dominicans, Hondurans, Salvadorans and Nicaraguans to
be sent as canon fodder to Iraq with the Spanish Legion,
something unique in the history of this hemisphere. Spain,
which as the former colonial power in Latin America aspires
to be given respect and consideration and even to play a
certain role in Latin American and the Caribbean, has the
responsibility and moral duty to fight for the return home
of those young Latin Americans who were sent to Iraq due to
the actions of the previous government. Spain...has the
responsibility and moral duty to fight for the return home
of those young Latin Americans who were sent to Iraq due to
the actions of the previous government

The Iraq war brings to many people memories of the Vietnam
War. To me, it brings back memories of the Algerian war of
liberation, when French military might shattered against
the resistance of a people with a very different culture,
language and religion, in a country which in places is just
as desert-like as many regions of Iraq, a people that
managed to defeat the French troops and all their
technology, which was fairly advanced for its time. The
French had previously sustained defeat in Dien Bien Phu,
where Bush's predecessors were on the point of using
nuclear weapons.

In this type of war the entire arsenal of a hegemonic
superpower is superfluous. This superpower can conquer a
country with its enormous power but it is impossible to
administer and govern that country if its population
battles resolutely against the occupiers.
It is still more amazing that, according to press
dispatches, two days ago the US marines were pulled out of
Fallujah and replaced by Iraqi soldiers led by an ex
General from Saddam Hussein's army.

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