[Marxism] The U.S. defeat in Fallujah

David Walters dwalters at igc.org
Sat May 1 16:30:36 MDT 2004

Jose writes:
"What the United States forces were attempting to do was to retake the 
political-military offensive against the growing insurgency basing 
itself on what it imagined was a strengthened political position based 
on the agreement of Iraqi collaborationists to the rules for a quisling
"sovereign" government after June 30. This, in turn, would set the 
stage for consolidating U.S. domination under "sovereign" control."

Hate to be a kill-joy here, but I don't agree. This "retreat" in no-way 
represents a "defeat" for the US. In the sense that they can't roam 
around Fallujah like tourists, sure, you can call it that. There is no 
question that from a military point of view, the US can obliterate 
Fallujah in about one hour. It can kill most or all of it's inhabitants 
and occupy the rubble. It was considered since despite the risings in 
other towns, Fallujah represents the heart of the uprising.

It could even try to do it on the ground, via the 8,000 or so troops, 
take a few hundred causalities, and try to drive the armed people of 
the town out. In WWII or Korea, this would be acceptable, even a few 
thousands total casualties [killed and wounded] on part of the US.

*Politically* it is unacceptable. Ergo the quislings arrive. The US is 
not 'beating it's tail' east to Bagdad, it's pulling back, *forces 
intact*, waiting to see if the quisling can pull this off. Politically 
the more civilian deaths that are inflicted is a setback for what the 
US can do *militarily*. This is why all the nonsense on the Internet 
about the "Vietnam syndrome" being gone is so much malarky... it's 100% 
about the Vietnam Syndrome. The "VS" has been adopted by the military 
as a political doctrine NEVER to be veered from and fought completely 
within it's paradigm. Thus the "100 hour war" during the first Gulf 
War. Thus the emphasis on low casualties in this one. Thus the fact 
that they haven't obliterated Fallujah from the map, which they would 
of done in Vietnam in a second.

So the US imperialist ground forces are simply regrouping, letting the 
"political" alternative to a military onslaught play itself out. I 
wouldn't be flashing any 'V' signs just yet...

David Walters

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