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> I believe that the Marxist State MUST transcend materialism.

...Thereby confirming that you really don't know what Marxism is to begin 


I very well remember when I understood nothing of Marxism. It is debatable 
among some folk whether I understand Marxism 34 years later. What I do 
understand is "winning" at all cost and this concept is offensive to "losers."  Leaders 
lead and win everyone within our sphere to the cause of communism. 

Lana's Lament. 

Changing this thread was inspired by Isaac Hayes theme/socre to the movie 
"Shaft." At the time is was one of Hollyweird's (Hollywood) first major motion 
picture's and a guy named "Bumpy" faced a certain deal for his dealings in the 
underworld. Isaac Hayes recorded a composition called "Bumpy's Lament."   

A tale of sorry and misgivings about the life one has led. 

Pardon, but I am hopelessly trapped in my own history as a working class 
leader elected to positions of responsibility. I have more medals than a four star 
General and mention this to block the ideologues who understand nothing of 
awakening peoples. 

Lana's Lament is a story of an awakening and spontaneous drift towards class 
consciousness. Nothing in her can satisfy the insatiable craving to "know" - 
to understand, the logic and framework of society direction short of the theory 
conclusions of Marx and Engles. Lana Lament captures a saying we coined in 
our party: "Some fall on and some fall off . . .the wagon turns." Lana has 
momentarily fallen on board . . . but ain''t she a women? 

I shall surely go straight to hell to talk about missionaries and the Woman 
Factor, but it is a chance that shall be taken. Lana's spoke of five children, 
work in Vietnam and a missionary zeal. First things first because ain' t she a 

The new features in the social movement and impending revolutionary upsurge 
to define our era is female. This presents itself as a problem for "old dogs" 
such as us, because we became battle hardened in a previous period of history. 
We face what the CPUSA faced in 1946, as the social struggle began its shift. 
It is difficult to speak of the real history of the CPUSA on a list steeped in 
ideological Trotskyism, because in the last period it had no connection with 
the leading sector of the working class movement. 

The role of Women in society has changed with every single change in the 
means of production and their final Liberation is going to rest upon the division 
of labor that assigns them to the "Kitchen, Church and children."  (Citchen, 
Church & Children or the three "C"'s. I hope my idiot-logical comrades are 
taking notes, Not one potential recruit shall be overlooked).

A Women's work is never done and this is an enormous problem for the 
revolutionary movement in the American Union. It means our women and babies are going 
to be thrown - hurled, into the social process in a manner the eclipse the 
arrest and beating - and bombing, of children during peaks of the Civil Rights 

Lana in her Lament has stepped forward because the fascists fundamentalist 
have nothing to offer. The future belongs to communism and the communist 
workers. We accept the challenge. 

The dialectic of transition is profound. That section of the working class 
pushed to the fore front is never prepared to assume leadership of the social 
movement based on what they know. When the last upsurge in the social movement 
took place that ushered in the "black worker insurgency," he was ill equipped 
to do what he had never done before. The organizational leadership and 
knowledge of the practical movement had been invested in the Slavic workers during a 
historic transition from crafty unionism to industrial unionism.  

This is our history of practical insurgency. 

The women coming to the fore will be ill equipped to carry out their 
historical mission and for reasons I cannot explain Lana stepped forth. Women are less 
egotistical than men and have a radically different conception of 
collectivity and leadership. This conception is based is a profound material relationship 
and many of the comrades have unknowingly indulged in your gang rape - 

The missionary ideology is repulsive to many on this list, because the 
mission of the "ary" is the perpetration of imperial plunder and conversion of the 
"other" into obedient slaves of the imperial master. 

I did practical work with missionaries during the era of the Theology of 
Liberation in the America's Movement. I shall never understand the personal 
inspiration of such people and they did not understand my inspiration. My job is to 
win the proletariat - vanguard to the cause of communism and I have never 
refused an assignment. 

Is not the front of the struggle what ever one encounters when they walk out 
their front door? 

Nevertheless, mice become eagles and anyone can soar provided they accept the 
transformations. Christ communism to Marxism is the short path. Consider the 
women that is in horrible pain and has not a clue. We are never "who we were" 
and always becoming and the yellow brick road lies ahead. 

Hey . . . baby (a term of endearment and sexual on no level in this sense)  . 
. . follow the yellow brick road. Everyone feels your lament. 

If our historical membership in the "boys club" and a certain attitude is 
offensive . . . it is because we are in fact offensive. 

I have every intention of redeeming myself and saving myself by doing 
whatever is necessary to change - sublate. You must read the literature of Marx and 
Engels . . .little by little. 

In your Lament you must decide is we are redeemable. 

In Detroit we were vulgar. Our position on missionaries that were women was 
"prone. We - I, have grown up somewhat and no longer behave as a "little boy." 

All roads lead to communism more or less.  

Melvin P. 

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