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Steve Gabosch bebop101 at comcast.net
Sun May 2 01:59:54 MDT 2004

I was sent the below off-list from someone who had read my post Hi Lana 
here on Marxmail.  I think the points this writer makes are absolutely 
correct so I wanted to share them with others.  I especially liked the 
comment "Even if sex classification tells us a lot about how one was 
brought up, it also fails to tell us a lot about individuality, and so much 
is missed when we classify."  I totally agree with this.  Using a 
commonplace computer metaphor to describe the same idea, knowing this or 
that about a person's demographics (age, sex, ethnicity, class, etc.) may 
help us guess certain things about the possible *inputs* into their life, 
but such information says nothing about their *outputs* - their 
individuality, who they are, etc.  I should have left that comment about 
not knowing Carrol's gender out.  Part of what motivated me was the sense 
of knowing Carrol a little from the quality of this person's posts, but 
that isn't an excuse.  I was careless, and I thank the writer below for 
taking the time to write me about this.  I've of course omitted their name 
and so forth.

- Steve

They wrote:

>Dear Steve,
>I think this post was wonderfully patient and enlightening.
>But just one thing - not to detract from all the benefits or the risk you
>take in a public effort to reach out.
>My thought is that there are ways to discuss Carrol's post without asking
>this subscriber to be identified in terms of sex.
>(Even though it might not trouble Carrol personally that you asked.)
>What would be great is if one day no one will use terms of a dubious binary
>gender regime to identify people who join an academic discussion, a
>classroom, or any forum where one's genitals should not matter -- just as
>classifications of race do not. Even if sex classification tells us a lot
>about how one was brought up, it also fails to tell us a lot about
>individuality, and so much is missed when we classify.
>I hope you agree or at least find this worth considering.
>With respect,

(name omitted)


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