[Marxism] The South and the Antiwar Movement or lack thereof

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Sun May 2 09:41:35 MDT 2004

My recollection of the anti-war movement in Texas was that we had some
very large demonstrations by 1970-72. These were not disproportionately
transplants to the South.  If memory serves, the SWP did extraordinarily
well in the elections down there, including in the presidential returns
of 1972 in places like Louisiana where we then had no branches. 
There are multiple Souths not just in racial or ethnic terms.  The
Florida South is very different than Georgia...how far west you are
changes much.  More obviously, there's the difference between the
mountains/hill countries and the flatlanders. 

Once underway, radicalization had the same dynamics there as elsewhere.


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