[Marxism] RE: Iraq - what now?

Jose G. Perez elgusanorojo at bellsouth.net
Sun May 2 10:42:28 MDT 2004

Gary writes: "What of the Kurds? ... their desire for national autonomy
should be 

Absolutely NOT. Not until and unless the Kurds break cleanly and
completely with the CIA is any talk about this possible. Any other talk
of "autonomy" is simply a U.S. aircraft carrier on dry land. To ally
with U.S. imperialism against Iraq and the Arab peoples is to commit
national suicide. That is the path the Kurdish leaders have chosen. 

A wing of the Kurdish leadership, which appears to be dominant, decided
more than a decade ago on a strategic alliance with U.S. imperialism.
This is not some newly-awakened people whose inchoate national
aspirations are being manipulated by imperialism. This was a conscious
choice by people who should have known better. They CHOSE to link their
national demands to imperialism's success in Iraq. So be it.


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