[Marxism] Reply to Phil Ferguson

DAVID MURRAY dmurray at studentmail.newcastle.edu.au
Mon May 3 06:24:32 MDT 2004

I slag off others on the left myself, but it is usually in relation to
real issues (like Iraq) and the groups are on that most people on the
list are familiar with.  I don't drag disputes between left groups in NZ
onto the Marxism list, especially not petty ones.  Two reasons: there
are much more important issues to discuss on the list and hardly anyone
on the list has any way of verifying stuff about disputes internal to
the NZ list.

Maybe David M has posted stuff on Iraq or Afghanistan or such-like and
I've simply missed it.  But all I can recall from his posts is sectarian
rubbishing of the DSP (and the Socialist Alliance).

Comrade, disputes between organisations are for the most part are
of general importance to all on the left, if we dismissed the
discussions between small groups, we would have ignored everything from the
Zimmerwald conference to the early years of EVERY left-wing group
in Australia and New Zeland (my own group included). I believe the current
manipulations of the DSP, combined with the apoyptic asseritons by a certain
'independent' in the SA are revealing of the strange psychology of the
DSP and its mileu. But I may be wrong.
Yes Phil a lot of my posts do concentrate on the DSP But they link in with
the issues you mention, particularly your personal favorite imperialism. 
In the past I have criticised their behaviour, especially in relation to
the actions around the Afghanistan War, where I say without hesitation that
the DSP played a terrible role. Not to mention their inconsistencies on imperialism
ie. their support for a section of the Ustasha in 1983, East Timor etc.
I have also directly or indirectly made contributions on the Australian UNITE campaign,
the KAPD discussion of last year as well as a couple of others.
In fact there was part of a marxmail discussion on the SP raising the sacrifice
of the Pharmaceutical benefits scheme as well as anti-war slogans as part of a 
demonstration against GWB when he visited in November, which fits in to what you would call 'how to build the anti-war movement'. The DSP claimed we were
sectarian for raising demands different from the DSP, not the sign of a healthy organisation
wouldn't you agree Phil?
You find the criticisms of the DSP from just about every other Australian leftist as pathetic.
But the fact is, 
+The DSP consider themselves an 'activist' party rather than a working class party.
+ The DSP play the victim tag anywhere and everywhere they dont get their way
+ The DSP rarely behave in an honest and transparent way
+ The DSP claim credit for the work of others
+The DSP is gives the PRD the theory it needs to repeat the mistakes of the PKI in 1965.
+More recently the DSP has used underhand methods against outside organisations
particularly Socialist Alternative and the SP.

These criticisms I think are very serious, and of interest. But maybe I will post more
on other issues such as imperialism, as per your advice.

David Murray

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