[Marxism] Has There Yet Been a Major Defeat of the US in Fallujah?

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Mon May 3 10:38:19 MDT 2004

It is extremely premature to say that the US has been given a decisive 
defeat in Fallujah.   Being stalled in the confrontation there is a 
political setback but in no way represents a major military defeat for the 
US.   In fact, one of the principle Bush doctrines is that the US government 
will respond to any temporary political setbacks with increased use of 
military violence if all else fails.

The introduction of the US Trojan Horse, General Saleh, into this standoff, 
is merely an effort to produce by duplicity what might be more costly 
politically to obtain by more massive direct military destruction.  But the 
US shows no signs of retreat from its occupation of Iraq, or elsewhere in 
its assaults throughout the world either.  A June antiwar demonstration 
appears to be a most timely time frame to be organizing an antiwar demo.

Tony Abdo

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