[Marxism] Re: The Anatomy of Fascism

Len Walsingham lha.walsingham at btopenworld.com
Mon May 3 11:51:43 MDT 2004

> Ed wrote:
> > Interesting that if fascism is defined as a 'as a 
> mass-based form of 
> > militant nationalism

	'Mass-based' is a key characteristic but 'militant nationalism'
is to adopt their own definition: the BNP (British National Party) would
probably describe themselves as 'nationalists' but it is just a
euphemism for racist. What they are adept at is exploiting genuine
grievances and turning them in harmless directions for the system or
even better (from their point of view) against progressive

Eagleton is supposed to be a 'Marxist' yet comes out with this tosh:

fascists are pagan, primitivist, collectivist state-worshippers who 
prefer jackboots to crowns. Fascists admire productive workers 
(including productive capitalists) and denounce effete aristocrats and 
the idle rich; conservatives tend to champion both groups, among whose 
ranks they themselves can frequently be found. Ezra Pound was a fascist,

but T S Eliot was a conservative. Fascists strut, while conservatives 
lounge. From a right-wing viewpoint, there is not much to distinguish 
fascists from Marxists, except that fascists are marginally more

	Fascism has taken different forms even in countries where it has
taken state power. Hobsbawn did not even consider Francoism to be the
'full shilling'. While the Strasserite types blather on about effete
aristocrats etc. there were plenty of fascist supporters among said
aristos. There was a sizable chunk of the British ruling class who were
prepared to support Hitler's aggression (he was portrayed as a
'moderate' and 'man of peace'). They were only stopped when the wiser
faction, led by Churchill, ousted them. It was a close run thing and
could have easily taken the other course. Fascism is not a movement of
the enraged middle-class it serves the ruling class and includes
terrorist measures against the working class and its organisations,
especially trade unions. Right wingers would generally find much in
common with fascists and know the difference between them and Marxists
very well indeed. It is only a matter of degree not principle. Why does
Eagleton perpetuate this myth? There was an old story about a couple of
nazis who went to Dr Goebbels about implementing all the 25 points of
the nazi programme, including the ones about expropriation of the
monopolies. They shot them next day.


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