[Marxism] Re: Another Wake-Up Call around Global Warming

Suresh borhyaenid at yahoo.com
Mon May 3 13:38:07 MDT 2004

You're quite right about that, it was a mental error
on my part. I read the 60 mya as somehow being 70 mya,
i.e. roughly five million years before the
Cretaceous-Tertiary extinction.

Incidentally, this other particular extinction event
you speak of occured at the end of the Paleocene, that
is, about 55 mya. The larger story of the early
Tertiary was one of evolutionary radiation on land,
among mammals and birds, but there was a period of
global warming roughly 10 million years after KT.

Here's a link:

According to this study, the Paleocene-Eocene
extinction particularly effected marine life.

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