[Marxism] "Workers in military uniforms"?

Carrol Cox cbcox at ilstu.edu
Mon May 3 14:36:03 MDT 2004

"Jose G. Perez" wrote:
> >>As far as how we were greeted upon our return to the US, most of the
> incidents of being spit on and insulted fall in the realm of urban
> legend.<<
> Not "most" of the incidents. ALL of them. There isn't a single,
> documented instance of this from the 60's or early 1970's. It was all
> made up by Hollywood which put it in one of its Nazi propaganda films.
> José

An asshole who wrote for the Chicago Tribune, Bob Green, was the chief
disseminator of this crap; in a book he wrote he claimed that he had
interviewed veterans to whom it had happened. One of the dead giveaways
that it was nonsense was the fact that in almost all versions the person
doing the spitting was a "hippy girl," i.e. it was made up by one of the
fools who merged everything that happened in the '60s under the heading
of "hippies."

When I was subpoened by a legislative committee back in the fall of
1970, one of the "friendly witnesses" testifying at it was a local john
birch woman whose account of the Kent State demos at Illinois State took
the form of saying that you could smell pot all over the place! That
kind of confusion in the minds of various right-wing nuts (and of many
who should have known better) was commonplace.


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