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Craven, Jim JCraven at clark.edu
Mon May 3 14:58:06 MDT 2004

I believe that the Marxist State MUST transcend materialism. Was anyone
born with the "manifesto" gripped at their chest? Just because I don't
have a picture of Marx hanging like a cross in my livingroom...does not
mean that I don't revere him. I understand that Marxist concept of
cognition is PRACTICE. 

Response: No, it is the integration of theory and praxis; Marxist
epistemology does not deny theory or the role of theory in developing
and guiding praxis--and vice versa. Praxis informs what is worth
"knowing" about and is the ultimate test of the worth, accuracy and
effects of theory. To steal a phrase from Stalin, Theory is to Praxis as
the compass is to a ship--a ship without a compass gropes without
direction and a compass without a ship is empty and devoid of practical
applications that ultimately test the acccuracy of the compass (Jim C).

Only struggling to change the world gives true knowledge. I know that
Hegel considered history as "world spirit." Why is it so offensive to
use the History of the Bible so offensive?


Which part of the Bible would you like? The part about Lot screwing his
daughters in a cave or the part about Lot telling the crowd wanting to
gang rape his male visitor not to violate a guest in his home but go
ahead and rape my virgin daughters? Or, perhaps all that wonderful stuff
in Leviticas bashing Gays or the stuff in the letters of that rabid
Zealot Paul on the duties of women to obey their men and also bashing
gays. Or perhaps just the usual arrogance of the Christians that their
way is the only way and no other "holy books" represent the "true word"
of God.

Some of us Natives, who have some very up-close and personal contact
with so-called "Christian" missionary types often feel trauma even when
reading bullshit like this. When you ask why using the history of the
bible or the bible itself is so offensive you are simply revealing your
own rather insulated, pampered, eurocentric and ignorant existence on
thisw earth--along with a large does of typical euroecentric hubris and

Jim C.

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