[Marxism] Legendary Vietnamese general offers warning to

Lanasnest at aol.com Lanasnest at aol.com
Mon May 3 15:54:49 MDT 2004

Dear Jim C.:

  I grew up as a small child digging in the trash for my food, I have been 
the victim of tremendous abuse which is not appropriate for the Marxism List.  I 
have traveled the world as a volunteer for UNICEF.  I have seen first hand 
the horrors of ignorance and hypocrisy.  I'm not sure where my sheltered life 
part is that you have referred to.  I am only unschooled as to how to apply what 
I have learned and integrate it into something that I can do besides handing 
out bread and sleeping in rat infested tents with bands of children begging me 
to take them with me.  I'm sorry that my service to my fellow man is so 
appalling and childish to you...really.  I came to the Marxism list believing there 
I would learn a practicum for helping on a broader field.  I ask that you 
would simply help me in that endeaver without insults.


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