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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon May 3 16:26:31 MDT 2004

>appalling and childish to you...really.  I came to the Marxism list 
>believing there
>I would learn a practicum for helping on a broader field.  I ask that you
>would simply help me in that endeaver without insults.

Lana, I am going to have my last word on this matter and I hope you will 
listen to me. You are clashing with people here despite your best 
intentions. This is a function not of your ill-will but because you 
apparently lack the knowledge of Marxism that would allow you to meet 
expectations that list members have of each other. You really need to scale 
back your participation here until you have learned a lot more about 
Marxist theory. I strongly recommend that you revert to a lurker status 
here until you have come up to speed. A lot of the essential texts are 
online at www.marxists.org. I strongly recommend that you follow the kind 
of study guide that I followed when I became a new member of the SWP in 
1967. Fortunately, the good people at www.marxists.org have assembled a 
list for folks exactly like you:

Short List for beginners

1845: Theses on Feuerbach
1846: [A Critique of] the German Ideology
1847: Principles of Communism
1848: The Communist Manifesto
1849: Wage-Labor and Capital
1859: Preface to Contribution to critique of political economy
1867: Capital, Chapter One
1871: The Civil War in France
1875: Critique of the Gotha Program
1880: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific
1886: Ludwig Feuerbach


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