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> Chairman Mao has a 1958 article on Stalin's "Economic Problems In the 
> USSR," 
> - which I disagree with, but you might find interesting. I have the luxury 
> of 
> hindsight and have never voiced the disagreement. After we overthrow our own 
> form of bourgeois property I have ever intention of writing my point of view 
> on 
> these questions concerning economic theory. 

maybe you shouldn't wait: while there is much to ponder in Max Elbaum's 
post-mortem of the 70s "new Communist movement" (I had the chance of talking with 
him at some length on ths recently), the task of "overthrowing our own 
bourgeois property form" might depend on developing a serious answer (one capable of 
persuading workers and others to become revolutionaries) to the questions: what 
went wrong in USSR? why and how was capitalism restored? what are the 
"errors" or "mistakes" or problems that revolutionaries there were not able to 
overcome, and which allowed for restoration of capitalism? is China "socialist" or 

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