[Marxism] "Workers in military uniforms"?

stolz at left.ru stolz at left.ru
Mon May 3 22:15:04 MDT 2004

Dear Marvin, thank you for a very interesting response.  If you do not 
mind we'd
like to translate your post and publish it together with our editorial 
opinion.  Just a couple
of short comments.

>There is no real difference between death by napalm and death through nuclear 
>destruction, except the first is probably more painful. The distinction 
>concerning "what is worst" is drawn by the imperial peoples, because the latter 
>brings death to their doorstep. The Soviet proletariat brought the latter to our 
>doorstep and a complex ideology of hate - chauvinism and white chauvinism, 
>evolved that to this very day cannot distinguish between Soviet and Russia. The 
>hostility towards the Soviets - no matter what it's left or right ideological 
>mask, constituted an anti-Soviet/Russian crusade. 
Yes, and it is also important to recall that this ideology of hate, in 
which anti-communism and racist Russophobia merged and
reinforced each other , was another Nazi heritage appropriated by US 
imperialism after WWII.  The difference here was only in
purging from that ideological amalgam the thread of anti-Semitism.  The 
"Judeo-Bolshevik government in Moscow" was now replaced by
Kennan's "traditionally imperialistic Moscovite government", with the 
solid backing of the European discourse of "Russian barbarism", the
"Asiatic nihilism of the Russian soul" that logically ended up in 
godless communism.
 In a certain sense, that Americanized crossbreeding of racism and 
anticommunism was even more poisonous than the Nazis', because it tended to
localize communism as a purely national phenomenon, as epiphenomenon of 
a defective national character.

>The charges of anti-humanism leveled against the Soviet government in the 
>past by the "left" - ("left of what . . . the fascists?), the petty bourgeois 
>ideologue, do-gooder without a clue about the state of the world, and 
>revolutionary phrase mongers, merge with and in the heat of class war, cannot be 
>distinguished from the military assault of the imperialists. 
The Nazis certainly must have thought so since one of their three radio 
transmitters that began broadcasting
in the early morning of June 22, 1941 was pretended to be Trotskyist.  

I also wonder what was the outcome of your corageous  statement to the 
US military concerning your loyalty that you mentioned
in one of your previous posts.  Thanks again.


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