[Marxism]The problem is that you don't HAVE a heart, isnt it, ML?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Mon May 3 23:03:38 MDT 2004

I understand your position because I use my heard.

"At a public meeting where the great masses are gathered together the
best speaker is not he whose way of approaching a subject is most akin
to the spirit of those intellectuals who may happen to be present, but
the speaker who knows how to win the hearts of the masses.

"An educated man who is present and who finds fault with an address
because he considers it to be on an intellectual plane that is too low,
though he himself has witnessed its effect on the lower intellectual
groups whose adherence has to be won, only shows himself completely
incapable of rightly judging the situation and therewith proves that he
can be of no use in the new movement. Only intellectuals can be of use
to a movement who understand its mission and its aims so well that they
have learned to judge our methods of propaganda exclusively by the
success obtained and never by the impression which those methods made on
the intellectuals themselves."

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