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I also wonder what was the outcome of your courageous  statement to the 
US military concerning your loyalty that you mentioned in one of your 
previous posts.  Thanks again.


Yes, . . . feel free to reprint anything I write without reservation. 

I was not accepted into the armed forces and given a classification that was 
classified. My mother called Washington to make an inquire into the 
classification. Mother had forbidden any of her son's to join the armed forces or ever 
fight on behave of our government. Mother would deeply anger father. 

"Just because your father is stupid and joined the army when he was 15, don't 
mean any of you are going to be stupid." 

There was no courage involved in refusing to slaughter the Vietnamese people. 
The African American people are exceptionally militant but ignorant. Many - 
to this very day, feel that they have something to prove to the oppressing 
people. They are slaves who have not understood the mechanics of their slavery. 

My mother was a religious women and self educated. Later in life she would 
return to school and become a nurse. She was very different from the women of 
her generation. The world of her and my father was very different from that of 
mine. Both of them grew up and matured under Northern segregation. I remember 
segregation very clearly and the places we could not go to because they were 
for "whites only." 

Mother forbid any of her boys from fighting on behave of "the white man." She 
would swear on a stack of bibles that she would personally kill any of us who 
fought on behalf of the government. My older brother was also drafted and 
refused admission into the armed forces. He was beat up in the draft center after 
he struck one of the doctors in the face. My younger brothers escaped inquiry 
from the government and our entire family was classified as an internal 
threat to the government of the United States. In the event of the outbreak of 
social unrest the entire family is to be arrested and incarcerated and our 
children can never be accepted into the armed forces. 

The FBI - Federal Bureau of Investigation, would visit our home seeking 
inquiry into my activity and mother would not open the door for them. She would 
curse them and threaten to shot through the door if they did not go away. Father 
was much more calm and rationale. He would periodically inform the police 
department that if any of them shot his boys he would kill the lot of them. I 
believe father enjoyed killing and several time I witness him beat up the police. 
His status as an ex-solider probably saved his life. Father fought people at 
work. I do not mean an ideological struggle. He was the dad of the neighborhood 
and shined in his status. 

We grew up in Highland Park, Michigan - the epicenter of the auto industry, 
and once the most prosperous community on earth. Father did not allow the 
police to question us. The rules of segregation was that blacks had to be "off the 
streets" after 9:00 PM. Father did not accept these rules. My upbringing means 
that I would have been one of Comrade Stalin's most trusted lieutenants - 
like Molotov, who after his wife was arrested and jail said nothing and carried 
out his task.  

It is Molotov - not St. Peter, that guards the gate. 

>The Nazis certainly must have thought so since one of their three radio 
transmitters that began broadcasting in the early morning of June 22, 1941 was 
pretended to be Trotskyist. <

Some of the comrades on Marxmail think that Trotskyism is simply a different 
body of politics within Marxism and they are horribly wrong. They have not 
understood its evolution from what Lenin called a petty bourgeois trend within 
Marxism to open counterrevolution, after 1929. Lenin called Trotskyism a petty 
bourgeois trend and spoke of "Judas Trotsky" - Lenin's exact words. Hitler 
called Trotsky the commensurate political intriguer whose inner party tactics 
should be studied and mastered by the Nazis to split the communist movement. 

I do not deny Trotsky role in the October Revolution and the excellent work 
he did under the guidance of the Central Committee - the steady hand of Lenin. 
I long ago read all of Lenin available in English. Lenin hated what Trotsky 
did in the pre October days, revealing the secret plans of the Bolsheviks to the 
bourgeoisie - and stated such in public. 

There is a material reason why very few African American Marxists are 
Trotskyites in the history of the American Union. The black scholar, CLR James was 
not African American but came from Trinidad if memory serves me correct. I have 
read all his material on the national question and perhaps 80% of his writing 
on dialectics and he was an intelligent man, but a fool, nevertheless. His 
writings concerning the African American people are an affront and insult to us. 
How can a Trinidadian tell us who we are? His arrogance matches his scholarly 

The handful of African American Marxist in America with a Trotskyite 
tradition are held in contempt by 99.9% of African American Marxist. We spit upon them 
because they have understood nothing of Lenin and the Georgian - Comrade 
Stalin. In fact they silence themselves in our presence. Opposition to Stalin is 
inherently white chauvinist, because of the configuration of material history. 
Anti-communism in America is fused with the ideology of white chauvinism. 

Stalin was of course rude - according to Lenin. "We want a man with all of 
Stalin's qualities except his rudeness." The petty bourgeois ideologists hate 
Stalin to a man because their knee was bent and they felt the heavy hand of the 
dictatorship of the proletariat and were told to shut up and go to work. 

In fact the German Revolution did not contribute to the victory of the 
proletariat. Fascism was not a response to the German working class but to 
Bolshevism and publicly stated such. The "German Revolution?" On the contrary, it aided 
the victory of the bourgeoisie and put an end to hopes for the long awaited 
direct revolutionary support from Europe. The NEP helped to rescue the country 
from hunger, but it could not solve the real problem of building heavy machine 
industry, without which Socialism could not be achieved. Only an organization 
of steel, only the greatest political clarity and strict centralization of 
all task and discipline of labor offered a glimmer of hope for survival. Could 
this be achieved by so-called "democratic" means? This need for an organization 
of steel was expressed in the ideological realm.

Because of its cowardice, the petty bourgeois intellectual understood the 
victory of socialism on the basis of support for Russia by an insurrectionary 
Europe. When hope for world revolution was lost, at that moment when it became 
evident that the Soviet proletariat would have to construct socialism on the 
basis of its internal efforts, the last revolutionary spirit of the petty 
bourgeoisie vanished without a trace and their link with the Bolsheviks were broken.  
Crying like little girls the petty bourgeoisie clamored for the preservation 
of at least one sector from revolutionary conquest to serve as a base of 
reaction. At that time the only forum of struggle available to them was the demand 
to "be heard." 

They were given their chance to be heard from prison. 

The 15th Congress will live forever and its memory is cherish by communist 
world wide. "This is what we must do or be crushed," Comrade Stalin stated very 
calmly.  Over and over comrades rose to their feet screaming "Long Live 
Stalin," shouting down the petty bourgeois phrase mongers. For the first time in 
world history the question of building socialism in one country was put forth 
with breath taking clarity.  Socialism in one country meant building an 
industrial infrastructure that did not conform to the cycle of reproduction driven by 
the unrestricted law of value. From that moment on the "kid gloves" were taken 
off. From that moment the petty bourgeois current within Marxism called 
Trotskyism - Lenin exact words, entered its last cycle of evolution. 

What is the political logic of any petty bourgeois trend? Why did Lenin call 
Trotskyism a petty bourgeois trend and write the equivalent of a volume 
condemning it for fifteen years? This is not my opinion but what Lenin stated and 
anyone can read this for themselves. 

Under extreme isolation agriculture was attacked with a vengeance. When ones 
back is at the ocean and the enemy demand that "you get your feet wet," 
Bolsheviks dig in. History records that it was Stalin - "that marvelous Georgian" 
(Lenin's words) that lead the revolutionary conquest. Our mistakes are legend 
and our accomplishments are greater. Lenin said we would pay dearly for our 
ignorance and we have paid dearly. History has revealed itself and the bourgeoisie 
has momentarily proven to be harsher and more brutal than our conception. 

American led imperialism is making the same mistake Hitler made - splitting 
its forces and trying to surround the land of the proletariat. The intelligence 
agencies in Russia is splitting and contains its own logic. Putin is between 
a "rock and a hard place." He is burning the midnight oil. 

Vladimir taught us the meaning of insurrection as distinct from social 
revolution. Insurrection by definition takes place at the "top." The features of the 
new era are coming into focus. The coming onslaught shall wipe bourgeois 
property from the face of the earth. Necessity calls for the resurrection of 
Stalin. Putin - this representative of bourgeois property is forced to attack 
capital in the flesh and warn them - bend their knee. Next the knee of the Russian 
petty bourgeoisie is to be broken - not bent. His history - not that of the 
proletariat comes to an end. Only Bolshevism can halt the onslaught of 
imperialism. This is not a subjective question but a historical configuration we face. 
Nothing short of the absolute liquidation of the Russian proletariat will 
satisfy the bourgeoisie. 

Already the petty bourgeoisie is screaming about "humanism." Talk about 
cowardice and a lack of manliness. 

Stalin appears in history as a model for revolutionaries, as a mentor for the 
weak and wavering; as terror for the class enemy. Here is our inescapable 

Melvin P. 

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