[Marxism] "Workers in military uniforms"?

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Tue May 4 05:59:38 MDT 2004

Wow, it's not even 8 in the morning yet and Melvin has already sent
three posts (toasts?) on Stalin, the "marvelous Georgian," vs. the petty
bourgeois Trotskyite wreckers. My only worry is that our comrade will
mistake others' observance of the "forbidden" status of that thread for
"cowardice and lack of manliness."


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The 15th Congress will live forever and its memory is cherish by
communist world wide. "This is what we must do or be crushed," Comrade
Stalin stated very calmly.  Over and over comrades rose to their feet
screaming "Long Live Stalin," shouting down the petty bourgeois phrase
mongers. For the first time in world history the question of building
socialism in one country was put forth with breath taking clarity. . . .

Under extreme isolation agriculture was attacked with a vengeance. When
ones back is at the ocean and the enemy demand that "you get your feet
wet," Bolsheviks dig in. History records that it was Stalin - "that
marvelous Georgian" (Lenin's words) that lead the revolutionary
conquest. . . .

Already the petty bourgeoisie is screaming about "humanism." Talk about
cowardice and a lack of manliness.

Stalin appears in history as a model for revolutionaries, as a mentor
for the weak and wavering; as terror for the class enemy. Here is our
inescapable history.

Melvin P.

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