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You consistently speak about the mode of production moving away from 
industrialisation as having changed the strategy of revolution. I
remember you posted a whole series of articles on this - can you expand
on what you're saying again. Perhaps I will understand better this time

On a separate note, I see that you explain the Reign of Terror on the
personal qualities of Stalin. Without wanting to raise a Trotsky Vs
Stalin debate which would get us all banned off the list, do you not
think that this somehow reflected the workings of Soviet society as
opposed to one man.

Comrade Paddy. I thught about the English the other day and went to the 
bathroom. There shall be no flame war. The Moderator is a fairly decent bloke. 
Really. His ideology and rendering of history is another matter altogether. The 
"Red Terror" in Soviet society led by Vladimir Lenin.  It was actually Leon 
Trotsky who implemented much of this military strategy and tactics. Trotsky was 
correct in what he did. Stalin polices continued and implemented in a widening 
scope the policy of Lenin. Those who want to paint Lenin in the image and garb 
of Jesus Christ are making a horrible mistake. 

Even the Moderator, who is pathologically Anti-Stalin is not a petty 
bourgeois philistine when it comes to Soviet history. He has read this history and the 
leading personalities of the insurrection that crowned the social revolution 
in Russia understood that they were waging a military struggle. We do not 
argue who was "the greatest democrat" - Stalin or Trotsky. 

To me it is as clear as noon day that the purges carried out up to 1934 by 
the dictatorship of the proletariat, the Stalinist dictatorship, were directed 
first and foremost against the petty bourgeois opportunists who fought against 
the policy of collectivization of agriculture and against the policy of 
industrialization - in short against building socialism in the Soviet Union. The 
complexity of the struggle on the ideological plane confuses comrades. I am not 
confused, having grown into manhood in political organizations. That is from 16 
years old until my late 30s and after that I was an elected leader in 
numerous working class organizations. Right now my comrades await my reentry and I 
requested five years to study.  The fifth year ends in 2006. 

To understand the the class content of the political and legal persecutions 
of 1937 it is only necessary to pose the question: "What class was the target 
of the purges?" The proletarian class?" No! Just certain persons close to the 
proletarian who occupied high positions in the party, since the workers 
themselves were not involved in attempted crimes against the Soviet State. In fact 
the purges themselves reveal the logic of their class origin. 

Comrade Paddy, we heirs of Lenin are serious people and never try to fool 
people. We insist upon straight talk. Many high functionaries of the tsarist 
regime "chose" to work in factories during this period and that is precisely what 
saved their ass. Was it the peasantry that faced the brunt of the legal and 
political purges of 1937? No! That was not the case either. If there remains the 
residue of painful memories of the purges within the present agricultural 
Russian society it is mutherfuckers recalling 1929 and being exposed as Kulak. 

Once the policy is decided the debate ends. Our back was against the wall. We 
came up off the Wall in a slugfest that altered the course of history. We 
took the "kid glows off" and meant serious business. We went to work with a 
passion and all the theories about what we could not do meant nothing. 

Should we believe the opportunist and bourgeois ideologists when they affirm 
that in 1937 people who did not exist were shot? Was this Stalin's fault? 
Hell, I am a proven leader and could not know on any given day the circumstances 
of every individual in my district. If I did not see an individual for two days 
I was accused of abusing my position and the workers were correct. 

I told the workers the truth. "I saw you yesterday and the day before and you 
were leaning in your machine and I did not want to interrupt you, because I 
already know you do not know what the fuck you are doing. You had oil all over 
your coveralls and had to be repairing the transfer bar. The only person that 
gets that nasty is someone that does not know their machine." 

Comrade Parry, the point is that the purges and terror was not directed 
against the working class. In Party lore we call it the inner party struggle and if 
you do not know what you are doing you are going to have a very bad day and 
get a lot of oil on you. 

In history I voted for increased Red Terror. Stalin was a softy. I am trained 
to run production in 13 second increments for eight hours without missing a 
beat. And then get off of work and party - celebrate "our being" or humanism, 
all night long with the wife, who worked for Cadillac Motors. 

I met my first wife when she was 14 and I was a very mature 16. God this girl 
had legs and ass and was studying to be a "Modern dancer" when she joined the 
"movement." I struck gold at 16!

She was seventeen when we married and I had to get her mother's permission 
because she was underage.  I had not long ago got hired at the job I would 
retire from 30 years later and was a "big money man with potential." 

I forged her birth certificate to state she was eighteen when she was hired 
at General Motors. I knew about papers, documents and printing because I grew 
up in the propaganda apparatus. To get hired we called the company every day 
and asked if they were hiring. The receptionist would hang up on us and tell us 
to stop calling. One day a gentlemen answered the phone and said, "if you can 
get here in 20 minutes you have a job." We were their in 10 minutes because we 
lived down the street. Today she has 32 years seniority and remains a leader. 

The point is that we have to think like the proletariat in the Soviet Union 
to understand 1934 and 1937. We have to understand the continuity of history 
with a machinists logic, close our eyes and relive what actually took place. 

Were the purges and trials - was the Red Terror inevitable? 

I do not think in such terms. 

The trials and Red Terror was a historical consequence. 

I vote on the side of Stalin and Trotsky should have been expelled during the 
debate with the anracho-syndicalists led by Lenin. 

Melvin P. 

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