[Marxism] That's funny...

Lanasnest at aol.com Lanasnest at aol.com
Tue May 4 11:10:00 MDT 2004

   What's "funny" is that, from my limited studies, you don't really 
contaraindict each other?  Stalin was who he was.  Everyone goes somewhat insane when 
they have achieved ultimate power.  He eventually locked himself in his own 
quarters, killing off his only real friends in his paranoia.  Power corrupts.  
Fact.  The answer is to find a way to sponsor leaders who truly representee 
people who He/She were put there to represent in the first place.  My ranting in 
the past were simply to support the FACT that we are human.  If someone can 
explain to me, sincerely, what Marx meant when he said that we a society can 
change this natural/biological/Darwinian affect by living in a "socialistic" 
enviornment, I TRULY would appreciate it.  I see various forms of suppression of 
our "me first" makings...but they seem to eventually erupt into horrific 
manifestations.  Look at history, not my ranting.  Again, please explain how this 
great transformation of the individual desire for power and autonomy can be 
explained.  I don't understand...sorry.


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