[Marxism] Your many metals...

Stacey Barber emusis at adelphia.net
Tue May 4 12:54:33 MDT 2004

Your many metals my ass, Melvin.  I could really give a damn.  I can only
judge you by what you say and how you have to say it on Marxmail.  I've
gotten several e-mails from youth off-list who have expressed they're
uncomfortable speaking up on this list, for fear they'd be taken as being
incorrect.  In my eyes, it's better that someone speak up and be heard
rather than worrying about if they do or do not ascribe to the orthodoxy of
whatever forum.  That'd apply to you too, Melvin.  I think it's pretty
important that youth AND women hear what whatever someone has to say, from
whatever viewpoint they have to say it from, and decide for themselves what
they think and believe from the results of whatever anyone's said.  People
don't learn from a monoculture.  They learn from a diversity of viewpoints.
At least that is what I think.

Stacey B.

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