[Marxism] My credentials?

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>I've mainly been busy with work and with school over the past several years,
so haven't had the time on my hands to build up too many "credentials' in
regards to socialism.  My own experience has largely been in light of
Trotskyism and my reaction to that since what I've found to have been living
my life.  I've been active on occasion, but that's about it.  I'm not going
to pretend like I have all the anwers to that, but there's quite a bit that
I wonder about.  It's left me curious.<

Stacey B.


In other words you read a Trotskyite book. 


Stick around and learn. 

And stop changing the thread to match what is in you head, for Christ sake. 
How can the other comrade follow what is being discussed. 

Cut it out. Stop this youthfulness. 

Melvin P. 

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