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>At the risk of starting a flame war, at the risk of pissing off Louis,
at the risk of offending a comrade (you) who I normally respect and
take seriously even if I don't always agree with you, let me say that
you can take your condescension towards younger comrades and stick it
somewhere very dark, tight, and uncomfortable.

Maybe you've been too wrapped up in yourself to realize, but it is the
youth leading the anti-war movement. It is the youth that will make a
revolution in this country--hell, in the world. It is the youth that
you should be looking UP to, despite their--our--shortcomings, not
talking down to them.

Your frustration with people who don't have your life experience or
haven't read everything under the sun is no excuse for this. You want
young people to pay attention to what you have to say? Fine. Teach,
don't sneer.

As a man much wiser than you once said, "The basic clay of our work is
the youth. We place our hope in them and prepare them to take the
banner from our hands."

"Stop this youthfullness" indeed. You should be ashamed of yourself.

"Young" enough to know better>


You cannot starty a flame war. I read every input and measure events . . . 
that is my task. You read some Trotsky. Fine. 

You do not understand why Bolshevism is available. 

I seek no ones respect because I am who I am and my history is verifiable. 

I am saying study Lenin. Why would a person read Trotsky when everyone on 
earth admits that Lenin was a genus? Read Lenin and decide for yourself. 

Do you understand that your path to revolution involves overcoming the petty 
bourgeois deviations to Marxism - Lenin words, not mine? 

Read Lenin. 


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