[Marxism] As far as I can tell

Stacey Barber emusis at adelphia.net
Tue May 4 14:32:09 MDT 2004

As far as I can tell, people reply according to what their experience and
knowledge is and to the best of their ability.  There's nothing Melvin's
said to me that's offended me since there's little that surprises me in
terms of people responding out of what their pride is.  I'm not one to
gainsay Melvin's practical experience combined with whatever he's read.  The
only thing I can do is respond on the basis of what I have read (which
includes Marx, Lenin and Trotsky and, oh yeah-Stalin on the national
question) combined with whatever my experience has been, and try not to be
either stupid or offensive about it.  I'm not looking for a flamewar, just
to have my questions answered, as continuing to read is something I've done.
I'm sorry, but people don't always wind up in jobs where they can propound
Marxism and / or apply Marxism and I really haven't had that luxury, and I
have no way on knowing if I'll end up in that situation or not.  One of the
downfalls of librarian jobs is that one get's classified as being a
professional, which often means if you join the workers in their strike,
then you risk losing your job.  I don't know what I'd do if ever confronted
with that situation, other than knowing I wouldn't want to do anything that
was stupid and was more involved with my ego than anything that was involved
with what was better for the long term.  I'll just have to wait and see.  I
don't know what my battles are going to be and what choices I'll make.
Melvin's right in that I largely have to be proven, but I'd rather learn as
much as I can before I make those important decisions--that is if I ever get
the chance to.  But it makes a lot of sense to me to learn as much as I can
beforehand and maybe not do anything stupid in the future.

Stacey B.

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