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In a message dated 5/4/2004 2:45:39 PM Central Standard Time,
cleon42 at yahoo.com writes:
(Psst...Melvin. I've already read Lenin. In fact, I've read some of his
stuff in the original Russian. I've also read Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, and
a number of others. You'll have to do better than that to tell me off.)

OK, I'm done now. :)Reply

I yield.

What did you or Lou or anyone else win in the working class movement for the
past 30 years?

Medals mean my story is more credible than yours or Lou's. You read Lenin.
Fine. Is Trotskyism, a petty bourgeois deviation within Marxism according to

Yes, or No.

Is Trotskyism, a petty bourgeois deviation within Marxism according to

Act accordingly if you grasp Lenin.

The moderator has warned you to be careful. However I will answer your every
question. I am not a Trotskyite or have this in my political tradition. This
is the tradition of the white petty bourgeois student in America. No one
disputes this.

The Moderator does not dispute this.

Anti-Sovetism has its own logic amongst the white petty bourgeois

Your youthfulness means I will respond.

Your subjective Trotskyism means I will beat you down, because it is enemy
ideology. Talk with the other Trotskyites be honest and ask and then shut up

Yes, I have medal and do not give a fuck about anyone without them - if they
are 50 and older. It means they did nothing but talk.

Melvin P.

Yeah, I saw your other post calling Trotksyism a petty-bourgeois deviation
and the question in my mind was in Lenin called "Trotksyism" a
petty-bourgeois deviation before or after 1917.  That'd make a big

Sort of like Marx said he wasn't a Marxist, so I subscribe to agreeing with
what a lot of what Trotsky had to say, but not being a "Trotskyist" per se,
as I don't think any single person can know the full story.   I'm interested
in learning from anyone, Melvin, Trotskyist, Maoist or Stalinist.  If
"Trotskyism" can't weather the criticisms that are thrown at it, then it
isn't fit to be considered a legitimate tendency in Marxism.

Stacey B.

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