[Marxism] Deirdre Griswold

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Tue May 4 16:56:01 MDT 2004


Deirdre and WW could organize a cool anti-war  demonstration in 3 days in the 
1960s. To my knowledge, that  record has never been beaten. Her stepfather, 
Vince Copeland was once a Shakespearean actor (like John L.Lewis his 
hero)..Both knew how to elicit worker's solidarity..Vince and Sam Marcy moved WW from 
Buffalo to NYC..Deirdre's  daughter Katherine Stapp's father Andy Stapp was in 
military service during the Vietnam war and organized anti-war protests at U.S. 
Army bases. The article's author characterizes WW as "far-far left." In terms 
of the entire left movement in the U.S.A.,  that's not a true description  
and moreover exposes the author's  narrow, biased  perspective on left politics.

I was a cartoonist with WW's newspaper in the  1960s..

joe dubovy  

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