[Marxism] US Election This Month!

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Tue May 4 17:29:05 MDT 2004

An eery quiet has descended on the US political scene.  It's presidential 
election time, but the elections actually have arrived earlier than anyone 
thought they would.  Six months earlier!

The US elites are being asked to decide between 2 fundamentally different 
visions of rule.  For 3 years now, the side that favors unmitigated and 
uncloaked violence has dominated the scene.  And the side that favored 
cloaked violence and sugar has remained relatively passive (as they still 
do).  These sugar daddies don't know what to donow !  They believed that the 
ruling class option to opt for them would be presented AFTER the election, 
as it was for Al Gore and Bill Clinton in the year 2000.  And they are 
sincere in their opposition to George W. Bush.  They fear that he leads 
capitalism onward to utter total defeat.

George and his moron minions have utter faith in their power, and the terror 
that it can mount.   They are the Lords of Destruction.  Any setback, in 
their opinion, can be simply resolved by merely upping the level of violence 
being applied.  The Kerry/ Clinton teamleaders are traditionalists, and 
think that 'diplomacy' conquers best, though often it takes unpredicatable 
detours that can so outrage the current US government office holders and 
their multinational corporate supporters.  Tangential government contracts 
are not attractive to these mechanically oriented folks.  They like firm 
dollars in hand.

Three major developments have now inserted themselves into the election. 
First, the WOMD lie has been totally exposed.  Second, the Iraqis have 
developed an ongoing resistance in 2/3 of the country.  And third, the 
killer for The Killers, they did not censor the war well enough.  The photos 
are out, and the supposed nobility of invading another country has now 
totally faded for good.

A young grinning US female Gi, while smiling and having a good time, blew 
the whole psy-ops portion of the US military's game operations. This phote 
is the Iraq eguivalent of the young Vietnamese girl caught running toward 
camera, while on fire from US dropped napalm.  That one shot combined with 
the tall, 4-eyed US GI nerd with his big shit eating grin. Three years of 
hard work by Rumsfield now gone down the drain!  All because the US GIs like 
to play with cameras.

So we come to the elections... The US elites must NOW decide whether to 
support upping
the level of violence?  It is not a question that can wait for the ruling 
class until after the November date with the polling booths. They will 
either passively fall in line with a new set of rationales put forward by 
Bush to justify the increase in military violence, or they will have to grow 
a backbone for the Democrats.  Whatever course the majority of the US rulers 
take, it will determine the foreign politcy of the uS in the days ahead.  
And right now, the US ruling class is deeply split between charging 
violently ahead behind Bush, or growing that backbone for the Democratic 
Party to once again declare to the est of the world... The Old Ways Were 
Better!  And so many US liberals will have broken hearts if the outcome of 
the ruling class decision is to be.. Full Steam Ahead With the Heavy 

The US ruling class appears to be wavering in the direction of Bush right 
now.  Power in hand, is worth much more than Kerry in the Bush.  The 
consensus so far seems to be, to wait until Bush rewrites the script once 

Tony Abdo

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