[Marxism] Why did the Abu Ghraib soldiers take the pictures? - corrected

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Tue May 4 21:37:41 MDT 2004

This evening (May 4, 2004) I saw an interview on MNBC [Keith Olbermann's
program, but I don't recall if he conducted this interview] with an attorney
for an Abu Ghraib soldier who was pictured in the infamous photographs. The
interviewer was making fun of the soldier and the attorney for the soldier's
stupidity in taking the photos. When asked in a jocular voice whether the
soldier was told to take the pictures, the attorney said yes.

This seemed very weird until I came across this on the Al Jazeerah website:

"Another released prisoner, Haidir Sabbar told Aljazeera that 'CIA officials
and two Iraqi and Egyptian translators showed us immoral pictures of the
acts that took place' before interrogating them."

Now it makes sense. The picture-taking was an on-going process. This is why
they took so many. They were told to take the pictures because the pictures
were to be used as part of the interrogation process. The pictures
themselves were part of the humiliation. The CIA and Military Intelligence
figures must have explained the whole interrogation process, including
instances of how it was done at other places before Abu Ghraib. And it is
added evidence that there are undoubtedly many other pictures, some perhaps
even more offensive than those that we have already seen. Since this was
part of the interrogation process, there are probably other pictures at
other camps in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere.

Only the action of a few offended soldiers and others in the chain that led
to CBS's revelations have allowed us to get a partial glimpse of what is
going on in Iraq, Afghanistan,  Guantanamo, and in secret locations around
the world.

from Brian Shannon

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