[Marxism] Article on the attacks on the RCP

Rosa RL rosarl65 at yahoo.com
Wed May 5 07:59:16 MDT 2004

The following is an excerpt from 'What's Behind the
Attacks on the RCP and What's at Stake' at
http://rwor.org/a/1239/attacks.htm I found it very
interesting to say the least.


'As events moved toward a U.S. attack on Iraq and with
the mass antiwar outpourings of February and March
2003, the next wave of attacks was taken up by
rightwing web sites like David Horowitz's
FrontPage.com and Joseph Farah's WorldNetDaily.com.
The new theme was that the communists leading the
antiwar movement were supposedly directly linked to
and financed by "international terrorism" and/or
Saddam Hussein.

This theme had already been sounded earlier in a
full-page ad in the New York Times by a high-level
ruling class outfit called "Americans for Victory Over
Terrorism." Signed by AVOT chairman William J. Bennett
(the gambling moralizer), this statement warned that
"The threats we face today are both external and
internal ... Our goal is to address the present
threats so as to eradicate future terrorism and defeat
the ideologies that support it." [our emphasis]

This charge that domestic opposition was tied to
terrorism and/or Saddam Hussein's forces soon grew to
a whole new level. Articles like "Iraqi Spies Behind
Anti-War Protests?", "Anti-war Groups Supporters of
Terrorism?" and "Not in Our Name and the World Wide
Terrorism Web" began to appear. So how was the
supposed connection to terrorism or Iraq concocted in
these articles? Through six degrees of separation!'

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