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Why we pulled Monday's Ted Rall cartoon

Item did not meet MSNBC standards of fairness and tasteMSNBC.com pulled 
a cartoon by syndicated political cartoonist Ted Rall on Monday.

Rall’s cartoon, distributed widely by Universal Press Syndicate to 
scores of newspapers and Web sites, concerned the late Pat Tillman, the 
NFL player who quit football to join the Army. Tillman was killed last 
month in Afghanistan.

The cartoon, like others on MSNBC.com, is published daily on the site 
via an automated syndication feed. Such feeds are rarely reviewed. 
However, MSNBC.com Editor in chief Dean Wright concluded Monday’s Rall 
item did not meet MSNBC.com standards of fairness and taste.

The Ted Rall comic: http://www.ucomics.com/rallcom/


Did Pat Tillman get what he deserved? Or did Rene Gonzalez?

By Matt Taibbi

SOMETHING TOOK PLACE last week that I previously would have thought 
scientifically impossible. The whole country stood up and actually paid 
attention to the opinions of a college editorialist.

The story of Rene Gonzalez, a contributor for UMass-Amherst's Daily 
Collegian who criticized Pat Tillman and paid for it, served as a 
classic example of what happens in this country when you think bad 
thoughts out loud. We have developed a rapid-response system in the 
national media that guarantees that certain inviolable cliches are never 
questioned or threatened—and that anyone of a mind to do so is made 
aware that they can be crushed like a bug at a moment's notice.

On April 28, Gonzalez published an article in the Collegian entitled, 
"Pat Tillman Is Not a Hero: He Got What Was Coming to Him." The uglier 
passages of the article, which would become the bullet points in most of 
the voluminous talk-radio and newspaper treatments of it, were that 
Tillman was a "real Rambo"—not a hero, but a "pendejo" who was "acting 
out of nationalist-patriotic fantasies forged during years of exposure 
to Clint Eastwood and Rambo movies" and who died, getting what he 
deserved, because "someone with a bigger gun did him in."

full: http://www.nypress.com/17/18/news&columns/taibbi.cfm


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