[Marxism] Samuel Huntington's Hispanic panic

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Wed May 5 08:01:55 MDT 2004

Samuel P. Huntington and the return of the Know-Nothings.

By John Dolan

SAMUEL P. HUNTINGTON is a bigot, convinced that immigrant hordes
are poisoning our Anglo-Protestant America. This in itself is not 
surprising; there have always been plenty of his kind on the American 
scene. Nor is it surprising that this bigot is a professor at Harvard. 
Nativism, in its 19th-century surge, was very much the darling cause of 
the New England elites.

What is surprising is that now, a century and a half after the 
Know-Nothings vanished in disgrace, Huntington feels free to promote his 
nativist hatred in print, and can be celebrated for doing so. Post-9/11 
America, as John le Carre has said, has lost its mind. Huntington's 
screeching is a worthy contribution to the bedlam.

Huntington disguises a disingenuous question as a scholarly inquiry in 
his sleazy new book, Who Are We? The Challenge to America's National 
Identity (Simon & Schuster, $27). The question is disingenuous because 
Huntington already has an answer, the same one that has been peddled by 
American bigots for hundreds of years: America is and must remain an 
Anglo-Protestant culture.

Huntington's plan for America's salvation requires "a recommitment to 
America as a deeply religious and primarily Christian country…adhering 
to Anglo-Protestant values, speaking English, maintaining its European 
cultural heritage, and committed to the principles of the [American] 

full: http://www.nypress.com/17/18/feature/feature.cfm


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