[Marxism] Case of Iraqi Hospital Manager Tortured by US

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Wed May 5 09:21:28 MDT 2004

Telltale Signs of Torture Lead Family to Demand Answers
Wife, Daughters Tell of Iraqi Man Discharged from U.S. Custody in Coma
by Dahr Jamail

Baghdad , May 4 - Not all evidence of military personnel mistreating Iraqis 
held in US custody come from leaks within the American- and British-run 
detention facilities. In many cases, such as that of Sadiq Zoman, 57, who 
last year entered US custody healthy but left in a vegetative state, the 
story originates with family members desperate to share their loved one’s 
story with anyone willing to listen.

American soldiers detained Zoman at his residence in Kirkuk on July 21, 2003 
when they raided the Zoman family home in search of weapons and, apparently, 
to arrest Zoman himself.

More than a month later, on August 23, US soldiers dropped Zoman off, 
already comatose, at a hospital in Tikrit. Although he was unable to recount 
his story, his body bore telltale signs of torture: what appear to be point 
burns on his skin, bludgeon marks on the back of his head, a badly broken 
thumb, electrical burns on the soles of his feet. Additionally, family 
members say they found whip marks across his back and more electrical burns 
on his genitalia.

Article at http://newstandardnews.net/content/?action=show_item&itemid=275

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