[Marxism] The Latin American-US Realignment

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Wed May 5 12:02:02 MDT 2004

Mexico and Peru have clearly signalled that they are onboard any coming 
action that the US takes against Cuba and Venezuela.  This relaignment, 
discussed here in the article below, began in both Peru and Mexico during 
the Clinton reign in office, as Clinton helped install both Fox and Toledo 
into office.  Just as Blair lined up with Bush's wars in Afghanistan and 
Iraq, Clinton's Latin American buddies are lining up with Bush in support of 
attacking Cuba and Venezuela.

The lesson here for antiwar activists is... Voting Democratic Party does not 
stop US initiated wars.  It just helps build international allies for those 
same aggressions.
Mexico-Cuba rift signals Latin realignment
By Ken Bensinger  May 5, 2004 The Christian Science Monitor

MEXICO CITY – Nearly a half-century ago, Mexico opened its arms to a young 
Cuban lawyer, a political exile who came here and began making big plans. 
And for decades, this nation always maintained a warm relationship with that 
lawyer - Fidel Castro.
But Mexico brought all that to a sudden close Sunday, cutting off relations 
with the bearded revolutionary's government and removing Mexico's ambassador 
to Havana.

The diplomatic equivalent of a knockout punch, thrown a day after Mr. Castro 
publicly questioned Mexico's sovereignty, was justified as a reaction to 
alleged Cuban meddling in Mexican political affairs in the wake of a bribery 
scandal here. But the move is only the latest in a string of events that 
have caused increasing tension and have, in just three years, laid waste to 
one of the world's strongest and oldest friendships.

That deterioration signals a significant change in the makeup of the 
alliances that define the hemisphere's political hegemony, paralleling the 
tenure of Vicente Fox as president of Mexico. Mr. Fox, who took power just a 
month before President Bush - and after 71 years of one-party rule - has 
traded in the contrarian's role Mexico held for most of the 20th century for 
a political agenda aligned with the United States and as a champion of 
democracy. And the closer Mexico gets to the US, the more it isolates Latin 
America's left-leaning states, like Brazil, Argentina, and Cuba, creating a 
bipolarity in the region, analysts say.

"The breakdown of relations [with Cuba] is simply a confirmation of the 
newfound influence that the US government has on Mexico," said Renato 
Davalos, a political columnist for the Mexico City newspaper, La Jornada.

article continues...  http://csmonitor.com/2004/0505/p01s02-woam.html

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