[Marxism] Watch your step: Madonna's enclosure movement

Jurriaan Bendien andromeda246 at hetnet.nl
Wed May 5 14:30:50 MDT 2004

Superstar Madonna is pinning her hopes on a public enquiry, in a bid to stop
walkers from hiking across her British country estate. She and husband Guy
Ritchie are appealing against a ruling that decided land away from their
mansion on the $15 million (9 million British pounds) Ashcombe Estate near
Salisbury, South England will be open to walkers. The 45-year-old singer
hopes to quash the decision that their land falls under British Right To
Roam laws.

You gotta walk outside, when you're down on the ground
And I never see, your shit on the ground
And I never want, to make a sound
More than I do now
I got away, from the talk that's cheap
I don't care, 'bout the company I keep
It feels good, when it all feels good
I don't want to stand in your way
It's not like, I don't have a choice
When you're alone, you make it all good
With you and me, you'll be saying it too
cause if something feels good doing your own way

- Madonna, "On the ground"

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