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> --- Rachel Mendoza <aka at cts.com> wrote:
> > These ridiculous labels such as schizophrenia and
> > depression
> > have no place in a doctor's office.
> Erm, are you actually suggesting that these ailments don't exist?

These ailments are real because doctors make behavior judgments. The same
doctors that carry around a clip board with a advertisement for mind
altering drugs which have shown overwhelmingly to increase the risk of
suicide. There is NO evidence that "mood" ailments have a biological basis.
(I recommend Breggin as he has shown again and again the false reporting of
research to benefit the "new pill")

> > The label enslaves.
> The label helps determine a general set of problems and the best way to
> go about solving them. If someone comes in with an infection, for
> example, you can show them all the love in the world but until you
> determine that it's an infection of type ____ and requires
> anti-biotics, it's not going to get any better.

Yes, labels are great. Who does one label a criminal? It helps to determine
how to punish an offender, yes. "Requires anti-biotics" is an absurd
statement as it suggests that without modern medicine there would be an
outbreak of disease. Do you believe this? It's easy to throw someone in
prison for doing "illegal" drugs just like it is easy to throw pills at
someone when their behavior is not "normative." But who's judging?

> > Pfizer and
> > Eli Lilly
> > do not operate out of love. Thus, their products should not be
> > considered
> > worthy in any realm.
> Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Honda, and Mitsubishi don't operate out of love,
> either. Nonetheless, their products do get you from Point A to Point B.
> Generally speaking, profit-driven medicine does work. The problem is
> not the product, the problem is how it's distributed and how it's
> managed.

Exactly, my point. Cars are absurd in the notion that they do nothing for
the human experience. "profit-driven medicine does work..." You may want to
research that statement. In medicine, as in life, their is something called
the reverse effect. For example, radiation can cure and cause cancer. Well,
it by no means is an exact science. Thus, "pilling" a patient simply turns
them into a lab rat. In the name of health! ...they shout. It's all about
control. Killing diseases. Conquering the human body. Even the war metaphors
are absurd. I love this quote (as it compares imperialism to "chemical
imperialism"): "The doctor listens in with a stethoscope and hears sounds of
a warpath Indian drum." -- John Mcphee

There is a big difference between "medicating" & "healing"

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