[Marxism] People Say I'm Crazy

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Wed May 5 15:47:05 MDT 2004

--- Rachel Mendoza <aka at cts.com> wrote:
> These ailments are real because doctors make behavior judgments. The
> same
> doctors that carry around a clip board with a advertisement for mind
> altering drugs which have shown overwhelmingly to increase the risk
> of
> suicide. There is NO evidence that "mood" ailments have a biological
> basis.

Whoa whoa whoa...Are you actually saying that there's no such thing as
biological depression? Yeah, there's a "mood" version, but there IS
such a thing as biological depression. 

> (I recommend Breggin as he has shown again and again the false
> reporting of
> research to benefit the "new pill")

Breggin has "shown" this without any use of scientific study
whatsoever; the guy isn't even certified by the ABPN, for crying out

More info on Breggin's "research" methods can be found here:

> Yes, labels are great. Who does one label a criminal? It helps to
> determine
> how to punish an offender, yes. "Requires anti-biotics" is an absurd
> statement as it suggests that without modern medicine there would be
> an
> outbreak of disease. Do you believe this?

Honest to god, that's the biggest logical disconnect I've ever seen. It
suggests no such thing. What it DOES suggest--and I'll say it outright,
even--is that without modern medicine many diseases would not be cured
and many people would be dead.

> It's easy to throw someone
> in
> prison for doing "illegal" drugs just like it is easy to throw pills
> at
> someone when their behavior is not "normative." But who's judging?

These sound like the words of someone who simply doesn't deal with the
mentally ill.

> Exactly, my point. Cars are absurd in the notion that they do nothing
> for
> the human experience.

...So therefore they have no purpose? How incredibly inane.

> "profit-driven medicine does work..." You may
> want to
> research that statement.

Already have. Fact is, a lot of people today are alive who would
otherwise be dead were it not for profit-driven medicine.

> In medicine, as in life, their is something
> called
> the reverse effect. For example, radiation can cure and cause cancer.
> Well,
> it by no means is an exact science.

Nobody says that medicine is an exact science.

"Reverse effect" is an incredible misunderstanding of medical science.
The fact that low levels of radiation kill off cancer is not a "reverse
effect;" it works because radiation kills cells, including cancer
cells. Which is why LARGE amounts of radiation kill organisms,
including humans. (Cancer can be a byproduct of this process.)

If someone ODs on Prozac (an anti-depressant), they don't become MORE
depressed, they get incredibly hyper. 

> Thus, "pilling" a patient simply
> turns
> them into a lab rat.

I love your use of "thus" and "therefore" as if there's a logical
connection. There isn't. Giving a man in pain some vicodin makes him
feel less pain. Telling him you love him results in a loved man in

> There is a big difference between "medicating" & "healing"

Medicating is a method of healing--more accurately, it's a method for
helping the body to heal itself. (99% of modern medicine is supportive,
not curative.) Surgery, setting (and casting) broken bones,
vitamins--all of these can be considered other methods of healing.

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