[Marxism] Re: People Say I'm Crazy

Tony Abdo gojack10 at hotmail.com
Wed May 5 17:52:57 MDT 2004

Here we go again!  Medicine as practiced under capitalism is not all that 
science based. That is what produces the position that drug pushing by 
doctors and the rest of the crew is not usually a good thing.  It is not 
idealism or anarchism that leads to this view,but real life observation of 
the actual damage done to so many by these medications, taken for both 
physical ailments, and psychiatric ones, too.

Unfortunately, many people have a faith in the supposed science and high 
technology of it all that borders on the lines of total fanaticism.  They 
can no more imagine that capitalist medicine does as much harm (or more) 
than good, than others in our society can imagine a world without 
corporations running all affairs. Being totally and fatally in love with 
technology, though, is not really marxism.  Marxists should be extremely 
cynical about the claims that varying technologies are in some major way, 
totally necessary, or delivering of real human needs that would be 
unfulfilled without it.

All marxsits need to come to grips with the idea that maybe not all 
technology just needs to be run collectively for social benefit, as opposed 
to private profitmaking.   Some technological methods of capitalism just 
need to be severely curtailed in application... PERIOD.  It is not a social 
good, or a necessity for social progress, that medications, high tech 
diagnostics, and hospitals in general, proliferate all around us.  Marxists 
should not be striving to just 'rationalize' the use of all this stuff, but 
in many ways need to see and strive for a future that can eliminate much of 

The struggle for socialism, is much more than just a struggle to gain 
control over factory processes of production and service delivery.  It is 
also the struggle to do away with much of factory-minded thinking.  And 
pills are often just really nothing more than drops of oil for the cyborgs 
that capitalism wants to turn us all into.  They are not our salvation.  In 
fact, very rarely are they even the real salvation of actual individuals 
with actual medical conditions.  At best, they are helpful crutches at 
times.  And at worst, they are more deadly killers than the disease 
conditions they are supposedly alleviating or curing.

Tony Abdo

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