[Marxism] How good is a promise?

Derek Seidman derekseidman at yahoo.com
Wed May 5 18:14:00 MDT 2004

Bush Promises on Abuse Not Enough, Iraqis Say
By Ghaith Abdul-Ahad 

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - For the men sipping tea in a cafe
in Baghdad, George W. Bush's pledge that soldiers who
abused Iraqi prisoners would be punished was credible
-- but only if the Americans fulfill other pledges

Abdul-Kader Abdul-Rahim said Wednesday he did not
doubt that the U.S. military would, as the U.S.
president promised, investigate the abuses. But he
doubted it would change things in Iraq, where people
chafe under foreign occupation. 

"I do believe the president when he talks about
investigation because they live in a democracy and in
this democracy even Bush can be investigated," he

"But what is happening in Iraq is different from their
democratic regimes. We're all treated like prisoners
here," he said, after watching Bush being interviewed
on U.S.-funded Al Hurra television. 

Others were more skeptical, saying the Americans had
not fulfilled pledges they gave Iraqis after toppling
Saddam Hussein more than a year ago -- pledges on
security, reliable electricity supplies, jobs and many

"We are an occupied nation, and when you are occupied
you have nothing in your hand," said Yossuf Ayob. 

"I don't know if we can believe this because the
Americans have lost all their credibility when a year
after the end of the war nothing has changed in our

An old man sitting in one corner smoking a water pipe
didn't even bother to look at the television high on
the wall. 

Americans who attack the human rights records of
nations like North Korea (news - web sites) and Iran
would now always be seen as abusers themselves, he

"They can conduct as many investigations as they want,
but they will always be branded with this scandal," he


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