[Marxism] Nader an alternative?

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Wed May 5 19:51:25 MDT 2004


These kind of "ultraleft stupidities" about Nader fly pretty thick on
some lists.  Behind it is often the most rancid liberalism.  

Not that long ago, I was giving serious thought to joining the Socialist
Party...no reason in principle not to do so and they seem to be doing
some good work here and there.  However, within days of actually writing
a friend in the SP that I have pretty much decided to do so, I read one
of these stupidities about Nader from a state official for the SP.  He
explain how his vote was going to be much more radical than a vote for
Nader or the Greens...and (he honestly said this) there wouldn't be
enough Socialist votes to hurt the Democratic effort to remove Bush.

Scratch an loud-mouthed ultraleft and you often get a Clintonian

Mark L.

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