[Marxism] Nader an alternative?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed May 5 20:47:02 MDT 2004

David Walters:
>Here are some links. There is a photo some place of Nader and Fulani 
>addressing the New Hampshire political forum together but I can't find it 
>now. I know Nader defends meeting with Fulani, as is his right, of course, 
>but he hadn't totally explained it, either. During the primaries he's been 
>asked this on call-in radio several times.
>Article published in The Nation:
>Article from In These Times:

I don't know anything about Rick Ross, but Doug Ireland is a Yellow Dog 
Democrat and In These Times is a gutless reformist rag. The issue is really 
ABB and the New Alliance Party is just an excuse. As far as I'm concerned, 
I'd rather network with a batty sect like the NAP than with the Democratic 
Party, whose chief executive bombed the only medicine factory in the Sudan. 
The first outfit is embarrassing while the second is murderous.

Louis Proyect
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