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> These ailments are real because doctors make behavior judgments. The
> same
> doctors that carry around a clip board with a advertisement for mind
> altering drugs which have shown overwhelmingly to increase the risk
> of
> suicide. There is NO evidence that "mood" ailments have a biological
> basis.

Renato: When a person is in very deep depression, the person has no desires,
no will. If the person takes an antidepressive, one of the first desires
that the person has is to commit suicide, in order to escape what the person
remembers as a miserable life. Then there is need of special care during
this period. If the person is without assistance, the will to commit suicide
may become an act of self-aggression. If the person is assisted and
prevented from commiting suicide, the antidepressive takes the person to new
desires, to the desire of living a better life.
I know what I am sayng because I am a mental patient.
Renato Pompeu
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