[Marxism] People Say I'm Crazy

Mallard Q. Duck mqduck at sonic.net
Thu May 6 04:02:25 MDT 2004

I really hate to be throwing out subjective and unscientific 
information... but, really, that's all anyone's done in this thread so 
far anyway. Also, I hate to be the one to say "I've led this or that 
life, so my word on the matter is bigger and better than anyone else's" 
but.... well, I _have_ "led this life."

Anyway, for your consideration, I would like to let everyone know that I 
have been diagnosed ("labeled") with manic-depression, insomnia and 
obsessive-compulsive disorder with a disposition for panic attacks. I 
quite literally *don't sleep* unless I take a somewhat powerful sedative 
before bed every night. Even with it I'm something of an insomniac, 
though partially by choice. I've been on Prozac (and gone through just 
about ever other antidepressant) since I was 14. I now also take 
Wellbutrin and lithium, plus the above-mentioned sedative (Trazodone, 
also an antidepressant). I also have a non-sleepy sedative (Ativan) to 
take as needed for panic attacks, in case you wanted to know.

Now, the point I was trying to lead up to is that I am 100% convinced 
that I was born with all of these problems. In particular, I've had 
trouble sleeping all my life, but it never really became a problem 'till 
I became a teenager. Almost the entire family on my mom's side, my mom 
included, is on medication (or possibly should be). My uncle lives his 
life in a halfway house, but you can mostly blame the Vietnam War for 
that. Mom was convinced for a long time that she had psychological 
issues because her father (who raised them after their mother died when 
mom was very young) was very negligent when not outright abusive, 
including beatings. However, I can most categorically say that the 
pattern of abuse did not make it's way into my childhood. I had very 
liberal and all-around great parents. Yet, I have all the same problems 
my mom has always had, except a lot worse and with others thrown in. 
Mom's been on Prozac since I was very young.

Sure, my opinion is highly subjective, but, for what it's worth, to me, 
based on my personal experience, denying the existence of genetic 
psychological disorders is no less than absurd. Not that I blame anyone 
for disagreeing with me. I understand your point of view, and would 
probably be on your side, were I not crazy myself. And, in fact, the 
anti-medication people do have some very valid criticisms. For instance, 
when I was... oh, about 15, they tried to tell me that, just like every 
other young person, I had AD(H)D. I will fully agree with anybody who 
claims that some doctors just threw that label around at everyone they 
saw. I will also agree with anybody who says that it's best to not take 
medication if you can possibly avoid it. The thought of having to take 
memory-erasing pills (lithium, in particular) for the rest of your life 
is not a pleasant one. And I'll certainly agree with anybody who claims 
that the capitalist system has created a corporate medical system that 
only stands to profit from prescribing you with as many drugs as 
possible, and keeping people ignorant about "alternative" approaches to 
medicine. But I like to believe that the psychiatrists I've had so far 
have been an exception to that tendency, especially my current one.

I'm also quite convinced that I would have committed suicide by now (19 
years old) if I had never been given medication.

Love and peace and stuff...
Jeffrey Piercy

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