[Marxism] People Say I'm Crazy [cheering for pawns]

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 05:51:28 MDT 2004

--- Rachel Mendoza <aka at cts.com> wrote:
> > Whoa whoa whoa...Are you actually saying that there's no such thing
> as 
> biological depression? Yeah, there's a "mood" version, but there IS
> such a
> thing as biological depression.
> What did the Native Americans do before western medicine came through
> and
> saved everyone with their wonder pills and super diagnosis.

You're just ranting...Do you have any, you know, *evidence* that there
is no such thing as biological mental illnesses? Like, say, depression.
Or Alzheimer's.

> > > (I recommend Breggin as he has shown again and again the false
> > > reporting of
> > > research to benefit the "new pill")
> > 
> > Breggin has "shown" this without any use of scientific study
> > whatsoever; the guy isn't even certified by the ABPN, for crying
> out
> loud.
> Here's some reading:
> http://www.zmag.org/ZMagSite/May2004/levine0504.html
> --Counterpunch doesn't have a corporate backer or neat little label,
> do you
> read that magazine? Adam, you are so trusting. I guess that can be
> good.

Counterpunch also isn't a medical journal (nor is ZMag, which is where
that links to). You say I'm "so trusting," but you're the one
swallowing this tripe without any shred of research or evidence.

Reading the stuff that backs up your preconceived notions doesn't make
you a Leader in Skeptical Thought.

> You just shot yourself in the foot. Everyone is cautious when a
> politician
> uses the word terrorist, so why shouldn't I be cautious when a
> cheerleader
> for drugs calls people quacks. THEY are quacks/terrorists...but I,
> yes I,
> have the knowledge. Stephen Barrett, M.D. -- the pawn who runs quack
> watch,
> is a NOTORIOUS, NOTORIOUS, rah rah man for the pill makers. He brings
> these
> ridiculous lawsuits against chiropractor and "alternative medicine"
> and he
> always LOSES. Do the research. HE/THE LABELER is quite the quack
> himself. I
> realize that you have fun on Google, but spare me these websites that
> back
> billion dollar corporations with the appearance of being
> "independent."
> Seriously, do a little digging on Barrett, he has a comical history.

...Which is interesting, because I know Steve personally. Not only are
you full of it, you've shown that you'll swallow everybit of tripe
quacks like Breggin will say to avoid answering Barrett's charges.

The reality is, Barrett doesn't own stock in these "billion-dollar
corporations," nor does he work for them. These "ridiculous lawsuits"
are filed because there's always some lunatic who doesn't like what he
says claiming that Barrett's lost his license for malpractice, is a
"pawn," etc. It's called "libel" and "slander."

> So why must humans control the flow of births and deaths. Why must
> you
> control the life cycle. Please stop meddling with nature. Presciption
> drugs
> for the elderly keep people alive longer because it is so politically
> incorrect to let people die. HEALTH CARE! they shout...NO ASSISTED
> they scream. Yet, all the while people are enslaved by the drug
> companies
> and a society that says DEATH IS SCARY!

Tell you what: Don't. Next time you get sick, don't take anything for
it. No aspirin, no Nyquil, hell, no St. John's Wort. If curing people
is such an eeeevvvviiilll thing because it mucks with nature, then
don't cure yourself.

At this point, I'm ending my participation in this "discussion," where
you rant, I answer, you rant about something else,
etc....Unsubstantiated claims, grandiose declarations about "meddling
with nature," frankly, this is just to frikkin' bizarre to waste my
time with.

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