[Marxism] People Say I'm Crazy

Adam Levenstein cleon42 at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 06:00:08 MDT 2004

--- David Quarter <davidquarter at sympatico.ca> wrote:

> ADAM:<<<Whoa whoa whoa...Are you actually saying that there's no such
> thing as
> biological depression? Yeah, there's a "mood" version, but there IS
> such a thing as biological depression. >>>>
>  What's "biological depression", Adam? Are you suggesting that  there
> is
> such as a thing as a  depression gene?

What? Where do you GET that? Biological depression = depression gene?
HUH? There's such a thing as a hernia, that doesn't mean there's a
"hernia gene."

Yes, there IS such a thing as depression. Which is why stuff like
Prozac, St. John's Wort, and other anti-depressants *work*, whether
Breggin and you like it or not. I'd suggest you take some courses in
human biology, since the above two questions reflect a total lack of
knowledge about the subject.

<snip hero-worship of the uncertified quack Breggin>

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